Strategic Advisory Services LLC offers clients a comprehensive suite of consulting services at every stage of their development from initial start up through organic growth phases and onto later maturity.

Services of interest to start up organizations include defining overall operating structures and strategic growth initiatives, evaluating nascent and emerging technologies, and structuring the legal foundations for corporate governance and organization.

Growth companies can benefit from SASLLC's expertise in defining and establishing a strategic planning processes that focuses corporate resources on high payoff growth strategies. At this phase we also help companies refine their technologies to meet new applications and emerging customer needs. Legal services at this juncture in corporate development often include risk assessment of new ventures and compliance with regulatory mandates.

Mature organizations can benefit from SASLLC's expertise in defining strategic growth paths either throught internal growth initiatives or via strategic alliances, joint ventures or M&A activity. At this phase, we offer expertise in establishing robust R&D technology development efforts that creat new value streams and respond to customer demands for innovative technical solutions.