Strategic Planning & Development

Every organization needs to understand its position and performance in the marketplace if they are to continue meeting customer and investor demands or respond to the impact of new technologies and a changing competitive landscape.

These decisions become exceptionally daunting when the skills, experience, or information needed for timely and informed decisions is unavailable and the issues involved are fundamental to an organization's existence and future. What is needed then is a source of advice that can make a difference and provide the expertise and experience needed to understand the present and plan for the future.

Strategic Advisory Services offers a unique, creative, intelligent resource to help develop, mentor, and challenge organizations at each stage of development. We are poised to provide the following services in support of strategic planning initiatives:

  • Performing in-depth market assessment and competitive analyses.
  • Developing growth strategies for new products and/or customers.
  • Establishing strategic alliances or joint ventures.
  • Evaluating the potential business impacts of changing demographics, emerging technologies, and new competitive threats.
  • Developing and refining the business model.
  • Evaluating alternative corporate structures and organizations,
  • Reviewing government funding options and locating potential sources.
  • Developing business plans and investor briefings.
  • Providing mergers and acquisition support with regard to target identification, screening, valuation, and integration.