The following case studies highlight the services we have provided to a select number of prior clients.

Ocean Renewable Power Company - Strategic Advisory Services LLC has been involved with ORPC since its inception in 2006 and has contributed professional engineering services that resulted in the invention, development, and deployment of ORPC's proprietary TGU technology. We were instrumental in advising ORPC as to the technical viability of their initial technical approach and guided them through the development and testing of two prototypes for their ocean energy tidal generating unit (TGU) technology. The scope of services rendered included developing the initial system architecture and design, establishing performance parameters, identifying and selecting subsytem vendors, establishing the overall test program, and monitoring prototype testing. This technical solution was selected by the Department of Energy for $25m in grant aid to further its development and has been demonstrated at full scale in 2012. SASLLC continues to serve as a Technical Adviser to ORPC on engineering matters relating to future development of the technology.

Advanced Logistics Delivery System - Strategic Advisory Services LLC consulted to the US Navy for a system study trading off alternative technologies to be used for launching drone aircraft from a next generation Navy ship concept. In this effort, SASLLC led a team of Navy experts in the analysis and evaluation of electric catapult system technologies in order to assess the state of the art of current technologies and develop a roadmap for future R&D initiatives. The final result has enabled the Navy to focus its resources on high payoff future technologies with demonstrated benefit and long term growth potential.

Dining - Strategic Advisory Services LLC provided consulting expertise in the areas of market research, competitive assesssment, business and strategic plan development as well as a variety of legal services relating to new venture start up.